• Mapping DB2 pureXML data using Hibernate User Types

    PureXML is a native XML data management technology that provides hierarchical storage for XML documents, XML query languages and XML indexing capabilities, integrated with the relational capabilities.   By using ...
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  • Hibernate Core Migration Guide : 3.6

    Note: See Hibernate Core Migration Guide: 3.5 for details related to changes in Hibernate text type. This information was missing when 3.5.x and 3.6.0 were released.   List of migration concerns as users migrate...
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  • How to use Hibernate 3 as JPA provider in JBoss AS7

    if you still use hibernate 3.* as JPA provider in your application and you want to deploy it in Jboss AS7 check this blog entry :   http://badr-elhouari.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-use-hibernate-3-as-jpa-provide...
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  • Hibernate3 Migration Guides

    This page collects the guides for migrating from one release of Hibernate Core to the next.   Migrating from 2.x to 3.0 Migrating from 3.0 to 3.1 Migrating from 3.1 to 3.2 Migrating from 3.2 to 3.3 Migrati...
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  • Hibernate annotated package  not found - AS7

    Hi,   I built a WAR file based on hibernate 3.5.3-Final and Spring 3. When I deployed the WAR file to AS7, it shown the followoing WARNings.     00:32:16,626 INFO  [org.jboss.as.jpa] (MSC service...
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  • Business Logic for Hibernate / JPA

    I have observed a number of fundamentally different approaches for implementing business logic. Some advocate a services layer, others advocate adding logic to domain objects. I have not yet read anything entirely con...
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  • Using @Formula with @Id

    Hi,      I am using Hibernate  to map java object to Paradox DBF files. Not the best use of Hibernate but I need to query the data in the DBF files in a nice easy way and Hibernate is the an...
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  • Who uses Hibernate

    The information provided below is an acknowledgement from actual developers that Hibernate was used on the projects/applications listed. This information should not be construed as a formal endorsement or backing by t...
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  • Hibernate 4 Webinar

    Collected notes and links from the Hibernate 4 Webinar given April 20th, 2011 as part of the JBoss Developer Webinar Series   Links For sure, check out the migration guide Original design of services (still pret...
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  • generic find by id using IN clausule

    Recently I create a new restriction to find entities by PK using the clausule IN.   ----- package com.ig.ibest.persistence.hibernate.criterion;   import java.util.List;   import org.hibernate.Criter...
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  • Hibernate Core Migration Guide : 3.5

    List of migration concerns as users migrate from 3.3 to 3.5:   Hibernate properties configured as type="text" now map to JDBC LONGVARCHAR; in pre-3.5 versions, text properties were mapped to JDBC CLOB. A new Hib...
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  • JBossHibernate3

    JBoss-Hibernate Integration (Hibernate 3) - Steve Ebersole, JBoss Inc - Ales Justin, JBoss Inc Hibernate support within JBossAS is provided by 3 high-level components:   Hibernate MBean - provides deployment, ...
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  • Hibernate Criteria

    Hi,   I would like to select all rows  from tables JBPM4_HIST_ACTINST and JBPM4_TASK where   JBPM4_HIST_ACTINST.HTASK_ =JBPM4_TASK.DBID_..   i have used criteria and  detached criteria ...
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  • Simple Hibernate, Hibernate Annotations questions.

    -For general users (user developers), is this the forum to post general programming questions?   -If it isn't, could I please receive a URL for such in reply?   -What is the list of files/jars, being the m...
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  • Using "order by nulls last" or "order by nulls first" in SQL Query

    Hi   Any idea if order by "nulls last" in Oracle 11g ist supported from hibernate?   What are the alternatives?
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  • Some explanations on lazy loading (one-to-one)

    Some explanations on lazy loading  Generality This page try to explain how lazy loading work in Hibernate.   one-to-one  How to do it Use <one-to-one constrained="true" outer-join="false" class="Foo"...
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  • Hibernate and Standards

    List of standards supported by the Hibernate projects Here are the list of supported standards by project Hibernate Core JSR-220 Java Persistence 1.0 in Hibernate Core + Hibernate Annotations + Hibernate EntityManager...
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  • DB driver matrix

    Name groupId artifactId version classifier driver dialect hsqldb hsqldb hsqldb org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver o.h.d.HSQLDialect h2 com.h2database h2 1.2.140 org.h2.Driver o.h.d.H2Dialect mysql50 mysql mysql-connector...
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  • Mapping Oracle XmlType to Document

    The following two classes allow you to use the Oracle XmlType object in a generic manner and support org.w3c.dom.Document objects that are greater than 4k and works with C3P0 and other database connection pools. Most ...
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  • collection is not associated with any session

    OK, I'm getting this a lot now, and I don't know what I am doing wrong.   I am fetching a "parent" object with the following joins:     {code}@OneToMany(mappedBy="report",fetch=FetchType.EAGER) @Fetc...
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