• Different headers for different pages in portal

    Hi All,     I am new to JBOSS portal server. I have got a requirement where different pages of the same portal has different headers(i.e. header.jsp)   I have gone through a lot of articles but I did...
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    created by Abhidipta Som
  • Upgrading from EPP 4.2.3 to 5.1.0 Questions

    I am not sure that this is the appropriate location for this post, but hey... if I am wrong, I am sure the experts will help me get on track.   We are in the process of evaluating the jump to 5.1.0 from 4.2.3 an...
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    created by The Helper
  • question about webcontainer/portalcontainer/portletcontainer

    Hello,   I'm a newbie in jboss portal. But I noticed that there are 3 containers. - web container - portal container - portlet container. I don't know if i'm right? For me: An application server contains a w...
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    last modified by mohamed sylla
  • Problem starting service portal:service=Hibernate,type=Instance. help required

    Hi All,   I have downloaded JBoss Poral Server 2.7.2 and added the file "mysql-ds" in the "jboss-portal-2.7.2\server\default\deploy\" directory. When I start the portal, it is working fine. But when I make chang...
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    last modified by srinivas s
  • upgradtion of JPA 2.0 in Jboss portal 2.6.5 SP1

    Hi ALL,   I have portal application developed and running on top of Jboss portal server 2.6.5 SP1 portal, I am trying to upgrade JPA 1.2 to JPA 2.0 in my application, which internally requires to upgrade hibern...
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    created by vesuinfo1985
  • How to manually create JBoss Portal user?!

    Hi! How can I create Jboss Portal User in the database (I mean using pure SQL) ? The reason is that old Jboss Portal project is being migrated to .Net and new application will be using old database. Could someone h...
  • Regarding to JBoss Portal customization

    Hi All     I am a new comer of JBoss Portal Community. I have a few questions about JBoss Portal     1.If I develop a portalet, after I deploy it in JBoss Portal server, how should I do...
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    created by Sean Yang
  • how could i build my eclipse project for jboss portal and customization my page

    how could i build my eclipse project for jboss portal and customization my page anybody can help
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    last modified by jeremy guan
  • JSR 286 - processEvent is not called

    For the portlet to portlet communication - I deployed the example in JBoss Portal 2.7.2 from: http://blog.xebia.com/2009/04/19/inter-portlet-coordination-with-jsr-286/ [http://blog.xebia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/...
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    last modified by jbpjbp
  • Cert or Form Login Jboss Portal 2.7.2

    I have a question regarding authenication via CLIENT-CERT and FORM based.   I'm trying to figure out the best way or any way to setup a mutli login configuration where the user can choose how they want to lo...
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    last modified by allpar23
  • The Struts dispatcher cannot be found

    Hello, We are migrating an application based on Spring, Struts2 and Hibernate, from Tomcat application server to JBOSS 5. We have already resolved problems about library dependencies, but we are facing error about u...
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    last modified by Dimas Tejero
  • how  integrate jboss  portal with other system?

    who  can tell me? I'm developping system  with  the jboss portal.can  anyone give me a  study guide?
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    created by zhuangsheng chen
  • How to configure Edit_default mode(Custom mode) with struts2.0?

    Hi All   i am able to configure edit, view and help modes with struts2.0 portlet. i dont know how to configure Edit_default mode(Custom mode) configuration with struts2.0 ?   If any body knows about this m...
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    created by raju k
  • 在哪才能下到功能完整的jboss  portal源代码

    大家好!我最近在研究jboss  portal开发。但是找不到功能完整的jboss  portal源代码。请哪位给个地址。谢谢
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    created by zhuangsheng chen
  • Content flows beyond the portal page boundary

    Hi,     I have been developing a portlet using Wicket framework. I am specifically using Wickets BaseTree component to create a tree like structure in my portlet.On expanding/collapsing the tree, Ajax reque...
  • Ajax Problem with JBOSS Portal development

    Hi,   I have problem while doing ajax with JSF and JBOSS Portal.I have attached the source code for reference. I have two portlets one with search criteria and second will populate details based on search crite...
  • richeffect right to left

    hey, can anybody tell me how to slide a panel feom right to left from rich:effect, i have left to right working fine <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <jsp:root version="1.2" xmlns:a4j="http://richface...
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    last modified by sandeep singh
  • jboss portal cannot read russian font ???? ???????? ?????? ?????????...

    i use. jboss-portal-2.7.2-bundled.zip i start up portal then not error. but i edit index.html then font is ?????????????????. help me
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    created by Baynaa B
  • strutsportlet rendered several times

    We are using strutsportlet and when more than one portlet is placed on a page the methods present in action class are getting called several times. Can any one of you help in resolving this issue? our action class ex...
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    created by Vasu Errala
  • Can not get JNDI connection from Data sourceSQLState with oracle 10g

    Hi all i am using jboss portal 2.6.8 server with oracle 10g..   i am getting follwing  exception when creating datasource object for Oracle 10g using JNDI.   Can not get JNDI connection from Data sou...
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    created by raju k