• New bug in RF 4.5.3 collapsiblePanel

    Hi,   In versions before 4.5.3 I have many JSF codes using rich:collapsiblePanel with a4j:commandButton calling "action" without problems. Below is the sample that doesn't work if button is into collapsiblePane...
    Edilmar Alves
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  • picklist submitted values

    Does anyone know what determines the submitted value of the String in the converters getAsObject method? The issue I am having is the value is not a unique value that I can look up in the managed bean's list. The exam...
    Bruce Randall
    created by Bruce Randall
  • JSF1005: Cannot instantiate validator of type javax.faces.Bean

    Hi,   I am facing this issue when I have rich:graphValidator in the code. I had review few forum and follow their solution but I still encounter this issue. Anybody able to advise me what should I verify this i...
    LIM BY
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  • ExtendedDataTable filter focus lost after opening modalpanel

    I have an unusual problem that I can replicate consistently but makes no sense to me. Given the following facelet, if I use the filtering option of the extendedDataTable, it works just fine with the cursor staying in ...
    Anne Childress
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  • How to display a Binary Tree ?

    Hi All, I have a JSON coming from External System, this JSON values are then converted to a Binary Tree and the same needs to be displayed on the GUI. The JSON is as shown below: {   "name":   "Selec...
    Sandeep Singh
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  • rich:tree with h:link issue

    Hi everyone,   I've been using rich:tree component since richfaces 3.3.3 and with the jboss seam s:link everything was running just fine. In a new project i've upgraded the platforms to JEE7 and Richfaces 4.5.3 ...
    byte slash
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  • Files built by RichFaces resources plugin not found

    Hi,   I am currently trying to modify an application based on the kitchensink example to use custom styling, mainly a custom font-family. I read about the different possibilities and decided the best way would ...
    Michael Stieler
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  • Resolving glassfish 3 too many files exception (Richfaces 4.3)

    we did a migration of our j2ee application on a Weblogic application server to Glassfish 3. Doing this we had to switch from Richfaces 3.X to Richfaces 4.3 A new resource handling came along with RF4 and static resour...
    Heiner Langer
    created by Heiner Langer
  • rich:pickList not working

    Hi,   I am migrating from richfaces 3.3.2 to richfaces 4.5.1.Final and also using myfaces 2.2.1. I have been getting several issues but able to resolve with the help of the community and documentation. Now I am ...
    Venu Rao
    created by Venu Rao
  • rich:tabPanel not working properly with rich:popuppanel when there is h:form in it

    Hi I've recently decided to migrate from Richfaces 3.3 to 4.5. I have a xhtml page that contains a  h:form. In this form , there is rich:tabpanel with rich:tab components. There is a rich:popuppanel in the sa...
    Masoud Dehghan
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  • New bug in RF 4.5.3 autocomplete

    I have an event in my autocomplete components to allow user to type a code or a description for a "field" (for example CITIES database table with CODCITY,DESCRIPTION). If user types code number "876", the component l...
    Edilmar Alves
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  • Calendar organizer in Richfaces 4

    I am wondering does Richfaces 4 provide the Calendar Organizer feature? Do we have any sample for this? Thanks.
    LIM BY
    created by LIM BY
  • Richfaces 4.x orderlist not working?

    hi, i am working with richfaces 4.x, but i am not get the selected item list from orderlist. can some 1 help me.   Code:   <h:form>         <rich:panel style="...
    Amit Lodha
    created by Amit Lodha
  • rich:picklist execute does not work when list is empty

    I have a rich:picklist with a searchbox. The picklist is executed and the values saved when the searchbox gets focus. This works fine, however if the last item is removed  from the selected list (making the selec...
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  • Load ExtendedDataModel programmatically

    I'm extending a Richfaces ExtendedDataModel to create a custom table. In the @PostConstruct of a bean the object of custom table is created, but the methods:        void walk(FacesContext fac...
    Tvori Kod
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  • rich:autocomplete not working richfaces 4.3

    I´m trying to implement a richfaces autocomplete component, the problem i have is that the autocompleteMethod is never called.     MBean: public String getFormacode() {   return testDto.getForma...
    created by Amine BOUKABOUB
  • Upgrade from Richfaces 4.3.7 to 4.5 Problems

    my current environment is : - Richfaces 4.3.7 - java -JBoss 7.1.1 (JSF 2.1.17)   when i am trying to upgrad to Richfaces 4.5 , with the same JVM and Jboss server version i have the following problems: ...
    Mohammad Weshah
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  • ui:include does not working

    Hi,   The ui:include is not working in my project. I was struggling with this since a week ago, and it just a starting of my project. Hopefully somebody may give me some advice. Thanks a lot.   Below is m...
    LIM BY
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  • Can not build RichFaces Showcase examples - version missing in dependencies

    Hi,   I have just checked out the RichFaces Showcase from http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/richfaces/trunk/examples/, then I followed the instructions. When I cd to richfaces-showcase or to core-demo and execute ...
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  • SAXException in richfaces-rich-4.5.2.Final.jar!/META-INF/rich.taglib.xml

    Hi,   I'm just trying to upgrade a project from RichFaces 3.1.6 to 4.5.2. Yes, I know, this is a biiiiig upgrade. Up to now, I managed the webapp to show up in Tomcat 7.0 as "available=true". But when I try to o...
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