• suggestionBox inside the datatable in not showing the list

    Environment Jsf 1.2 My faces websphere 7.0 rich faces 3.3.0 GA dummy.jsp <h:form id="form1">     <t:dataTable var="var" value="#{dummyBean.list}">   <h:column>   <h:inp...
    Chota Viru
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  • CDI push

    When i open this page RichFaces Showcase - Push Messages   I have error in browser: WebSocket connection to 'ws://showcase.richfaces.org/__richfaces_push?__richfacesPushAsync=1&pushSessionId=0700d786-0f7e-4...
  • AJAX push is not working in IPV6 mode

    Hi   We are using richfaces-a4j-4.5.14.Final  with atmosphere-runtime-2.2.3.jar   And we have following entries in web.xml   <context-param>         &...
    ajay kumar
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  • showcase problems

    Hi   Showcase was offline or link broken: showcase.richfaces.org   Searching in web, I found http://showcaselatest-richfaces.rhcloud.com but I dont know if is latest really.   You know what happened?...
    Vagner Nogueira
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  • How to display dynamically <rich:chartXAxis label?

    Hello,   Looks like <rich:chartXAxis label="Year"/> always considered the last one.I have created it to display based on the rendered condition But it is not working as expected. There is no help from Flo...
    Siva P
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  • rich:chart chnage the plot information color?

    Hi,   How to change the plot information color for chats?Looks like this is default one.Is it possible to change it? I am working with RF Version latest one. <rich:chart id="cghartId" title="Simple Report...
    Siva P
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  • problems with node deletion after richfaces 4 migration

    Migrating my project from richfaces  3 to 4.  i have a delete functionality of the  child node from parent. i have to  access the  parent id fro m child so that it can be passed to bean for fr...
    jsf learner
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  • <h:outputText> not showing JTiday parsed data in <rich:popUpPanel>

    I am using jsf 2.2 and richfaces 4.5.1. In one of the richpopuppanel I am using h:outputText tag to show HTML data that is parsed by JTidy. Data is the response from one of the web services that we are using. JTidy ad...
    Manish Prajapati
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  • How to access data values from root  to child node (whole selected path) of rich:tree

    hello,   I am working with richfaces 4.2.1 final. I am using rich:tree with nested <rich:treeModelAdaptor>. As, var attribute is common for all nested levels, Can you please suggest me how to access the ...
    vj j
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  • Icons of  Richfaces  doesn’t appears

    I have an application in Seam of Jboss with Richfaces, it is working fine in Centos 5 and 6 but I installed Centos 7 and the icons of  Richfaces  doesn’t appears, do you see the same error? thanks
    Tania Choque
    created by Tania Choque
  • Componentes de Richfaces sin iconos en Centos 7?

    Hola, tengo una aplicación en Seam de Jboss con Richfaces que funciona bien en Centos 5 y 6 pero recientemente la instale en Centos 7 y no salen los iconos de los componentes de Richfaces, a alguien le ha suce...
    Tania Choque
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  • Failure : Adding Richfaces 4 to a Maven Based Project.

    Hello, i have read numerous articles and blogs on this subject but i seem not to get mine working... i am using Eclipse Indigo and also utilising the jboss-javaee6-webapp Archetype. below is the full POM.xml file. &nb...
    Paa Kojo Konduah Amos
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  • value is not displayed using h:inputText for data table row

    We are migrating from richfaces 3.3.3 to 4.5.13 and jsf 1.2 to 2.0   We have a datatable on which we have to perform row click. On rowclick a grid appears after the datatable with all the information of clicked ...
    Sahithi Y
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  • Richfaces 4.5 popupPanel problem with "Compatibility View"

    Hello,   I have following problem:   We're migrating from Richfaces3 to Richfaces4 (4.5.13). One of our requirements is, that the application must run with an activated "Compatibility View" of IE11. Per de...
    Christian A
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  • Calendar issue inside a extendedDataTable

    Hi, I was wondering if that problem was solved in any version (I currently use the 3.3.4) ?   The calendar is behind the table on its last lines ! Thanks
    Thomas Combarnous
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  • rich calendar as organizer richfaces4

    We are migrating our application from richfaces 3 to 4 and realized that the "data" support has been removed from calendarmodelitem . That being said, I am not able to display the events corresponding to each day in&n...
    jsf learner
    created by jsf learner
  • rich:calendar organizer in richfaces4

    Hello,   I need help for migrate rich:calendar from richfaces 3.3 to richfaces 4.5.15.Final.   I couldn't see the option to display the organizer details on the date. I can see example in richface3.3 in th...
    Sudha Raj
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  • rich:column and expand / collapse

    Hi, I use an extendedeDataTable and the attribute "groupingColum" which refers a column of the table. I want all the lines to be collapsed when the page is loaded (by default, all the lines are expanded!). I can't f...
    Thomas Combarnous
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  • RF 4.5.13 default images are not loading,could not load the image error?

    Hello,   Why this below error is occurring.?? RF is not loading the default images from richfaces resource section. None of the images are loaded.All are showing the same error. Image:
    Siva P
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  • a4j:commandbutton oncomplete not closing the popuppanel in 4.5.16.Final?

    Hi,   In my page i have Export as Excel link at the outside datatable. <a4j:commandLink value="Export as Excel"         rendered="#{reporting.selectedTab.equals('shortIdSe...
    Siva P
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