• Error trying to rename method in Eclipse

    Eclipse>>Check For Updates doesn't show any JBoss Tools recent changes.   What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. I am working on in a Java project. 2. select method in Outline 3. Refactor->Rename...
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  • How to deploy Wildfly remotely through Eclipse?

    My local setup is Eclipse 2018-09 with "JBoss AS, WildFly & EAP Server Tools" 3.6.1.v20180926-1902, Wildfly 14.0.1, Windows 10.   I have a local Wildfly server for development which is managed through Eclips...
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    created by omega09
  • Error trying to install "JBoss AS, WildFly & EAP Server Tools" in Eclipse

    Hello Guys, I am trying to Integrate wildfly server in my Eclipse IDE, When I try to do that I am getting the below error   Software being installed: JBoss AS, WildFly & EAP Server Tools 3.6.1.v20180926-190...
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  • Can I use JBoss Tools offline?

    I am using Eclipse Version: 2018-09 (4.9.0). Using JBoss Tools 4.9.0.Final, I develop a WildFly14 application.     From yesterday, due to internal rules change, the coding computer can not connect to the I...
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    created by sytmc
  • Various process of Apache Camel in Eclipse 2018-09

    Even after closing Eclipse these processes continue to run. The image of processes in Windows:
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  • Error trying to install "JBoss AS, WildFly & EAP Server Tools" in Eclipse

    I'm trying to install a Wildfly 14 server adapter on Eclipse 2018-09 (I installed the basic components of JBoss Tools previously and I have the servers view, but Wildfly doesn't appear there).   I downloaded the...
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  • Is Java facet 11 available anywhere?

    Java 11 was released, but when I use it in a Maven project I get a message that the Java facet version does not match the compiler version. In the facets setup (I'm using Eclipse) the Java facet goes up to 10 only. &#...
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  • Assign permissions to client-level roles in KeyCloak

    I want to assign permissions to client-level roles to do so I create policies for the client-level roles which need to be assigned to permissions. I need to assign these policies for client-level roles to permission v...
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  • How to handle new Wildfly versions

    JBoss Tools 4.6 supports eclipse Photon and Wildfly 13, which is great.  Unfortunately, Wildfly 14 was released yesterday.  The Wildfly releases seem to be coming at a faster update rate than JBoss Tools upd...
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  • Eclipse JBoss Server is broken

    Hi, i just try to set up a JBoss server under Eclipse (localhost). For this, I selected the link "No servers available. Click this link to create a new server" in the tab Server and added the JBoss server. Then create...
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  • Smooks Editor Not available with JBOSS  Tools

    Hi There,   I am using latest version of  Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.3a & Installed JBoss Tools 4.5.3 Final, But I can not find Smooks Tools: The editor for Smooks configuration files. After adding all plugins ...
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  • How to use Smooks Editor plugin for JSON to JSON

    Hey There,   Smooks editor plugin is working fine for xml to xml, But for JSON to JSON not working/I may not be awary how to use it, But if  I am selecting input type as JSON, then selecting Input data as JS...
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    created by amshegokar
  • Hibernate Configurations not displayed anymore

    Hello, I hope someone can help me out. I think I or eclipse messed up a config in the hibernate configuration view of hibernate perspective. The hinbernate configuration tree does not display any of the existent conf...
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  • jBoss Tools 4.6.0.Final in JSP Editor no cursor location show

    jBoss Tools 4.6.0.Final in JSP Editor no cursor location show on status bar   This is old version This is new version 4.6.0
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  • JBWEB001018: An exception or error occurred in the container during the request processing: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException

    I am getting below Exception when I access a java first soap web service wsdl deployed into jboss eap 6.4.0.   14:00:33,531 DEBUG [org.jboss.as.web.security] (http-/ Instantiating JASPI authenti...
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  • Drools for android

    Does drools support in android studio? If it supports where we need to mention drools file(drl) in which specific folder.
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  • Arquillan Unit tests don't run from Eclipse Oxygen

    I'm not sure if this is a Jboss tools problem or an Eclipse problem. I'm using Eclipse Oxygen 3a, with Jboss tools 4.5.3 installed I am moving a codebase from Wildfly 8.2 to Wilfly 12. There are a number of Arquillia...
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  • Smooks plugin no longer in JBossTools (Eclipse Kepler)

    I cannot see Smooks editor plugin in JBoss Tools for Eclipse Kepler (or JBoss Developer Studio 7). It's no longer available?
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  • Can't create a Java EE project - archetype not found

    I just updated to the latest version of Jboss Tools - Beta 3 in Eclipse, but now, when I try to create a new Java EE Project, I get the following error:   Could not resolve artifact org.jboss.spec.archetypes:jbo...
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  • Missing LiveReload Server in Eclipse (JBoss Tools) and DevStudio

    In Eclipse in the servers view the LiveReload Server is missing. If I want to add it, there is no option for it (Should be under Basic, but is not. -> see screenshot). I have the current jboss tools installed and ...
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