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    jboss won't start

    rastas Newbie

      ./run.sh in the bin directory it get the following

      Missing required file ../run.jar

      What enviromental constants need to be set?

      pls help

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          Ivan Tan Newbie

          hmmm i have always been able to run that without any probs even on a new system ... make sure your java_home is set ... the rest should be ok ..

          mind pasting your env here? (btw .. i don't use jboss on windows ....so can only help on unix related machines)

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            rastas Newbie

            running red hat enterprise 2.1, java_home is set to the j2sdk "/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2", so I'm missing somthing what about class path? any ideas.


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              Jon Barnett Master

              It seems like something is wrong because at least the JBoss 3.2.3 run.sh fragment is as:

              if [ ! -f $runjar ]; then
               die "Missing required file: $runjar"

              So it is somewhat of a mystery how "Missing required file ../run.jar" could be produced as an error message. Please check your run.sh file and trace through the shell script.

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                Ivan Tan Newbie

                rastas ...

                on my machines .. i have a dedicated user something like 'jboss' who executes the ./run.sh ....

                look out for JBOSS_HOME when the script starts .. where does it points to ?