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    problem when testing multiple failovers in a cluster

    Alex Chatziparaskewas Newbie


      I have set up a JBoss 4.2.0 cluster running JBoss Messaging 1.4.0CR1 on top of an SQLSERVER 2005. I have configured a distributed topic. Runinng the cluster, publishing and subscribing messages from a client works reasonable fine, even if one of the (two) cluster nodes is shutdown or killed. However, if I shutdown one node, bring it up again and then shutdown the other node, failover does not work as I would expect it. It seems like the restarted node never really finds its way back into the cluster. The first exception I get is something like ' org.jboss.jms.exception.MessagingJMSException: Cannot handle invocation since messaging server is not active (it is either starting up or shutting down)'.

      Big question: Is this not yet implemented, or do I do something wrong. Do I need to 'reinitialise' my publishers/subscribers after I 'somehow' realise that a cluster node has joined the cluster.

      Thanks in advance for all help.