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    datatable refreshing with combobox change

    Ravi kiran Kuchika Newbie

      Hello all


      I have a datatable which contains rich:columns. rich:columns contains a combobox.onchane of combobox i am calling valuechangelistener and i am not giving any rerender attributes, but still on change of any combobox entire datable is getting refreshed.


                                  var="filteritem" index="index" id="dynacolumns" >
                                  <rich:comboBox id="editabledrop#{index}"
                                      defaultLabel="- Select Criteria -"
                                      <f:selectItem itemLabel="Enter" itemValue="Please Enter" />
                                          value="#{filter.ibFilterNames[index].filterValueList}" />
                                      <a4j:support event="onchange" ajaxSingle="true">
                                          <f:param name="index" value="#{index}" />




      my datatable is in a4j:outputpanel with ajaxrendered=true


      can any one suggest what am i doing wrong here??