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    Propagating signals to call activities

    Tin Tvrtkovic Newbie

      Hello community


      I seem to have a problem I was hoping I could get some feedback on. I'm trying to implement my process in BPMN2/jBPM 5. My process is very dependent on external signals (you could imagine it as part of a server, simulating a complex state machine that needs to be budged along step by step). I use a lot of intermediate catching events, with external components signaling state changes with processInstance.signal(). To make things easier for myself, I was going to partition parts of the state machine into reusable components (i.e. independent processes, <callActivities>), but it would appear intermediate catching events inside callActivities don't get the parent signals propagated to them.


      Am I doing anything wrong, or is this simply not supported in either jBPM 5 or the BPMN2 spec?