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    Problem while Installing JBPM 5.1 on Linux server

    yoganand jg Newbie





      I've a problem while Installing JBPM Installer 5.1 on linux server.I edited build.xml and placed jbpm installer on my linux server(of different IP address,not localhost).


      I able to successfully open the console,but while viewing Personal Tasks list,It is retrieving message that it is unable to connect to localhost:8080.I tried in many ways to solve this error,but couldnt able to do it.I'm unable to get why it is trying to connect to localhost:8080 when I click View Personal Tasks in JBPM console.For all the remaining,it is connecting to ip address of my server only.But,for viewing personal tasks only it is generating this problem.


      The url which it was trying to render is http://localhost:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/form/process/com.sample.evaluation/render.


      Please help and suggest me to solve this problem