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Simple example of GWT integration

Eric Manuguerra Newbie



I am trying to use ERRAI to implement a simple prototype showing data push and repetitive UI update.


I have seen that the messaging bus of ERRAI is a really nice feature.


I have started from the ERRAI Maven archteype, which is nicely working (I even deployed it very easily on Open Shift).


But since yesterday, I haven't been able to integrate GWT component such as DockLayoutPanel or LayoutPanel (http://code.google.com/intl/fr-FR/webtoolkit/doc/latest/DevGuideUiPanels.html).


I am a complete GWT newbie.


I would just like to create a 4 or 5 zone panel and add content to it by calling backend services.


But if I modify the HelloWorldClient to add a a DockLayoutPanel to the root panel instead of the HorizontalPanel of the example the browser only displays the north part of the panel.


I don't know what's wrong, since there is no server neither client error.


This is the code :



          public void buildUI() {


         // Sample from GWT tutorials

         DockLayoutPanel p = new DockLayoutPanel(Unit.EM)

              p.addNorth(new HTML("north"), 2);

              p.addSouth(new HTML("south"), 2);

              p.addEast(new HTML("east"), 2);

              p.addWest(new HTML("west"), 2);

              p.add(new HTML("center"));




         System.out.println("UI Constructed!");



Does anybody knows a sample GWT / ERRAI application with a layout structure ?



Best regards,