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    Is spring feature supported in switchyard?

    alex liu Newbie

      I see the quickstart demos, in these project ,there is usual a file "bean.xml",can i suppose this file is used for spring integration.

      If not, i got one question:is spring feature supported in switchyard?

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          Łukasz Dywicki Novice

          Hey Alex,

          Empty XML file you can find (beans.xml) in quickstarts activates CDI, other Dependency Injection mechanism used by Switchyard. There is no specific features for Spring. However you can use camel-spring namespace inside SCA descriptors to implement mediation.

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            alex liu Newbie

            Łukasz,thanks a lot.I get more better understand of this.

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              Mahesh Gunta Newbie

              do you have any working example on switch yard integration with spring component?

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                william simons Newbie

                sorry I did not respond yesterday I will try to answer your question, please bear with me because I am not sure you

                may or may not know this. If you are really interested in java sca there are some avenues you can start with

                even before you use switchyard. Please study the following books. The code is free or you can buy  them

                spring integration by aprèss really helped me. The other book is Tuscany sca by manning. THIs book is out of print however you can still buy it  In the switchyard documentation  a camel component acts a message gateway for example a producer or a  comsumer(queue) or a subscribe - publisher. If you study spring integration along with spring integration dsl Camel and SwitchYard

                that will help  htps://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SWITCHYARD/Bindings

                do a goggle search camel sca(gateway) and switchyard 

                Today was my birthday I really hoped I helped you spring integration was based on java sca  and osgi

                I want to thank the switchyard team  for developing a great product I am a big fan of spring however switchyard

                sca has really caught my attention. I really hope jbpm will be working very shortly......

                spring integration is not used at all in switchyard atl all....THis is simply a pure java based on the jboss "weld'

                java language. jboss switchyard is simply java sca is simply based on spring integration sca

                NO you can not use spring in switchyard at all