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    milyn-smooks-all-1.5.jar should update to milyn-smooks-all-1.5.1

    alex liu Newbie

      when i use origin smooks components to transform csv to java,I find this problem,if the csv column is empty,console print errors

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null or empty 'value' arg in method call.

      at org.milyn.assertion.AssertArgument.isNotNullAndNotEmpty(AssertArgument.java:78)

      at org.milyn.flatfile.Field.<init>(Field.java:39)

      at org.milyn.flatfile.variablefield.VariableFieldRecordParser.nextRecord(VariableFieldRecordParser.java:190)

      at org.milyn.flatfile.FlatFileReader.parse(FlatFileReader.java:132)

      at org.milyn.delivery.sax.SAXParser.parse(SAXParser.java:76)

      at org.milyn.delivery.sax.SmooksSAXFilter.doFilter(SmooksSAXFilter.java:86)

      ... 19 more


      i have seen this problem has been solved by updating  to milyn-smooks-all-1.5.1.



      csv file like this: