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    Too many channels open / No EJB receiver available for handling

    Emil Nilimaa Newbie

      We are using 7.1.1.Final


      We are fetching EJB's using JNDI calls.


      For each call we create a new InitialContext and call lookup on it to get the remote interface to the EJB.


      After 40 calls, we start getting "Too many channels open" and everything stops working.


      If we save our remote interface to the EJB in a variable and call several methods on it, it doesnt work either. It simply says "No EJB receiver available for handling"


      What are we doing wrong here?


      I read there was a bug here:



      Is that something we should be concerned about?


      Also this one:



      Seems to be related, but it says it should be fixed in 7.1.1, but it is not?


      Thank you for any help you can give us!