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    WildFly-Camel-3.1.0 released

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Dear Folks,

      I’m happy to announce the release of wildfly-camel-3.1.0

      WildFly-Camel 3.1.0 provides Camel-2.16 functionality on WildFly-9.


      We now provide WildFly-Camel Archetypes and added four more components to the supported set.


        • camel-elasticsearch

        • camel-jasypt

        • camel-stream

        • camel-undertow


      In addition to that, we also resolved a number of other minor features, tasks and bugfixes.


      Component upgrades include


        • WildFly-9.0.1.Final

        • Camel-2.16.0


      For details please see the 3.1.0 Milestone.