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Laird Nelson
Hello; I'm using Weld 3.0.0 Alpha17 (using it in a unit test, so Weld SE, if it matters).   I have a @Produces method annotated like this:   @Produces @Dependent @Foo public String getFoo(final… (Show more)
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Jiri Pechanec
Tento kurs je zkrácenou intenzivní verzí Advanced Java EE Lab (FI MUNI: jaro 2016) vyučovaném na Fakultě informatiky Masarykovy univerzity. Účelem je seznámit posluchače s novinkami v Java EE 7 ve…
in JBoss Czech Republic
Jorge Bittencourt Neto
Hi guys,   I am calling the EventDistributor.dataModification method to refresh the result set cache when data is modified but it is not reloading the cache. Even after the… (Show more)
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Eduardo  Lopes
Hello folks,   I'm currently porting a legacy code on my company to JBoss EAP 6.1, originally built on top of Tomcat 5. I have a code calling a SOAP service using Axis 1.1, basically doing the… (Show more)
Mike Tomson
Hi,   On Jboss EAP7 in Runtime tab I see my queue and 10 current messages count. There is no consumer. That is ok. Now I would like to see what is the body of the messages like in weblogic server.  … (Show more)
Hi,   I want to build from images another build that has been stored to the integrated registry: OpenShift Enterprise 3.0 | Architecture | Infrastructure Components | Image Registry   Is this… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm developing apps using an instance of Openshift that somebody else stood up.  If my builds fail and give an OutOfDisk error, is that something I can fix as a user?  Or does it need to be… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm trying to get started with Openshift/Origin/Kubernetes.  I've downloaded `` and `` from   When… (Show more)