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Illia Khokholkov
I am seeking for a guidance on how to deal with aborted user transactions. I am utilizing Arjuna as a transaction manager and make use of user transactions when multiple workspace-write JCR methods… (Show more)
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Laird Nelson
Playing around with portable extensions and such.   If I get all the beans the container knows about (in AfterBeanDiscovery, so before validation) via beanManager.getBeans(Object.class,… (Show more)
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John Ament
Hi,   I'm trying to get JDBC_PING working on a Wildfly 10.1 instance.  This is how I configured my subsystem:           <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:jgroups:4.0">             <channels… (Show more)
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noriyuki matsuda
hello,   I'm using wildfly10 and have a problem.   I'm trying to deploy three ejb-jars(a,b,c) and make dependencies between those modules(b to a,c to b). Every ejb-jars has the beans.xml and the… (Show more)
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Sanjay Chaturvedi
We have a data virtualization instance set up and running and it can be connected via Squirrel. Can we connect this instance using BI tool like micro strategy tool ? Can it be connectable from… (Show more)
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Wayne Wang
Hi,   I was able to configure two wildfly instances as a cluster so that one instance is down, the other will automatically starts up. Basically, it is designed to support High Availability… (Show more)
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Sebastien Bordes
Hi,   With Roaster is it possible to add complex TypeVariable like this one interface Action<A extends Action<A>>   I'm building an Ecore to FXJO library with fluent API and it requires to chain… (Show more)
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