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I am starting my graduation thesis project with Wildfly server.   But i can't make plain Java project to deploy, both in Netbeans and Intellij IDEA.   I've setup data source in Wildfly… (Show more)
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Wolfgang Knauf
Hi,   I try to dig my way through client login using Elytron (JavaEE application client, launched through "appclient.bat").   Question 1: for a programmatic login, it seems I need some JAR files on… (Show more)
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Using the VDB.xml file I want to return various items. I can return items at the vdb level fine:   select f.file ,a.* from (select TO_CHARS(contents, 'US-ASCII') file from sysadmin.VDBResources… (Show more)
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Christian Wansart
Hello,   I am using slf4j and log4j for logging, and I deploy on a Wildfly 10 server.   I wanted to change the logging pattern project wide, not via the standalone.xml, but the log4j2.xml, as… (Show more)
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askkuber kuber
<rich:dataScroller>   How it calculate page link? What is the logic behind it?
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Olivier Truong
Hi I've just installed forge 3.0.0.CR1, but maven build does not work because I'm behind a proxy. How can I configure it in forge 3.0.0? The config file is in properties format, not in XML anymore.… (Show more)
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Mylos Kathos
Hi all, I'm looking for an example Elytron wildfly-config.xml file which can be used as replacement for my older So far I've found one example configuration:  … (Show more)
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Hank Cheng
We embed the modeshape into our web applications in AWS. And now we have use the docker in our product but the cluster of modeshape doesn't work now. We deploy our web application in multiple ec2… (Show more)
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