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Patrick Verboom
hi,   I run a Modeshape 4.5 in a Wildfly 9.0.2. I have configured modeshape through the Wildfly Standalone subsystem. All is up and running and working fine. Currently I have configured the git… (Show more)
in ModeShape
karthik raj
Hello All,   We have been using Version JON 3.3.0.GA Update 05 in one of our environments with single agent monitoring our EAP which has 20 nodes. Whenever I am clicking on resources in GUI ,we… (Show more)
Gulam Samdani
I already build a large scale financial web application using spring stack(spring mvc (jquery) + ioc +jpa+ jboss7) . It is not restful app. Now we want to perform security testing (penetration… (Show more)
in JBoss AS 7
Allen Gilbert
We're running Wildfly 10.1.0.Final with the built-in version of Hibernate 5, and have hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache and hibernate.cache.use_query_cache set to true in our persistence.xml.… (Show more)
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Erroll Sipagan
Every time I deploy a war file in wildfly 10, I got this following error :   Cannot upload deployment: {"WFLYCTL0080: Failed services" =>{"jboss.deployment.unit.\"member.war\".FIRST_MODULE_USE" =>… (Show more)
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David La Motta
Hi folks-   I am playing around with PowerShell on RHEL 7.2 and I wanted to spin up a quick HttpLister. Alas, I am getting an error indicating the library cannot be found.   New-Object : Cannot… (Show more)
in .NET
Karl Nicholas
When injecting a `@Resource private UserTransaction tx;`, a `TransactionReaper` terminates kills my `UserTransaction` after 5 minutes no matter what. Since it's a batch update, I need more than 5… (Show more)
in WildFly
Richard Moore
I have the following code -   System.out.println("Creating job operator."); JobOperator operator = BatchRuntime.getJobOperator(); System.out.println("Job operator created.");   I am getting the… (Show more)
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Nate Drake
Hello,   I'm trying to add a response header that contains the server name.  I was trying to do something like this:   <response-header name="server-name" header-name="fi-server"… (Show more)
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