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reena maan
Hi, I am using wildfly 10 and i need to kill a http session of a web application user. I have session id of the user's session. How can i kill this session ?
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Hannes Bjurek
Hi,   We are trying to upgrade form Wildfly 10.1 to 11. Most things seems to work, however our JAX-RS services does not get registered. The jaxrs subsystem is loaded and we have a file looking… (Show more)
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Laura O'Donnell
I have configured a wildfly to use BC-FIPS as the security provider and I have configured a keystore of type BCFKS to work with it.  I added the provider to as the first provider and… (Show more)
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Wolfram Huesken
I just tried to use memcached to write and read back a key which contains UTF-8:   String key = "dorothy-perkins-angela-仿麂皮粗跟靴-褐色"; mc.set(key, 0, "test");"Key: {}", mc.get(key));  … (Show more)
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Roger Lee
We are doing a large batch process which telnets to a Nokia DX switch and fires various (75K+ of) commands.   We are now on v.3. and it has run for 8+ hours in the past (previous migrations).  … (Show more)
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Steve Brenneis
I am having problems with CDI injection into a couple of servlets. I find mention on Google that people have problems with it, but I can't find anywhere that it is prohibited.   What I have:  … (Show more)
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Abhinav Gupta
Hello, we are currently on WildFly 9.2 and now in our application we are planning to use Mongo Driver. Things are working while I configure datasource via spring APIs When I try to configure same… (Show more)
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nicolas duminil
Greetings,   I'm using JBDS 11.1.0.GA on Ubuntu 16.4. Every time I boot, I get a system error message saying that a core-dump has been caused by JBDS. I'm attaching here this core-dump.   Kind… (Show more)
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Bruno Silva
Não estou conseguindo adicionar o drive do postgres no Wildfly 11, alguém esta passando pelo mesmo problema?
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