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JBoss is the MILF of Enterprise Java. We'll keep you intrigued and entertained well into our years, but you'll also be proud to call us the mother of your children.

Here's why.

Andrew Rubinger

Take a Cue From Queues

Posted by Andrew Rubinger Feb 22, 2008
Riding on the coattails of Carlo de Wolf's JBoss World Presentation, I'd like to bring to light yet another Enterprise Concern that EJB makes No Concern of Yours.

Get in line.

As an avid advocate of Community Involvement, I'll be making a concerted effort to reach out with editorials and feedback requests via Exit Condition. Each entry will be linked from JBoss Blogs to ensure maximum self-promotion.

My writings are not a one-way conversation; differences in opinion are welcome such that I might correct you.


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