In the Arquillian Team, we believe that Open Source isn't really about software; it's about the exchange of ideas.  Across cultures, corporations, locales we come together each armed with a slightly different perspective.  Slightly different strengths.  Lately we've been grateful to field pull requests for code, documentation translations, new ideas, community roadmap planning meetings, and criticisms alike.


And just as Open Source isn't restricted to programming, Arquillian isn't bound to Java EE.  Sure, its roots have been in the testability of app servers, but the Platform has grown to reach the UI.  Persistence.  Stress-testing. 


Because the mission of Arquillian is to get you testing inside of your real environment.  No mocks.  And to us, testing is development.


This year, we want to take the Platform deeper into the Java ecosystem.  We want to see exactly how easy we can make the testable development cycle for more technologies: JavaFX.  Android.  Eclipse development.  Other VM languages.  Whatever you bring to the table.


So in true Open fashion, we'd like to extend an invitation to all developers and speakers within the Java landscape to join us in a submission for the JavaOne 2012 Community Keynote this October in San Francisco.




The focus of the proposed talk will be testable development of as many Java corners as we can represent, and the Arquillian team will assist with integration as we can.  We'll have a few months to arrange examples and show the in-IDE testing of components that were previously unwieldy or cumbersome.




Of course, we can make no guarantees that our proposed talk will pass the selection committee, but we feel that the Open nature of this submission speaks to the true Community spirit of the Keynote.


So join us in our run for the Big Stage; leave comments in the Thread below and we'll kick off a group to together outline the proposal and submit it for consideration by the due date, 9 April.