Daniel Klaus
I deployed two WARs which should share the same JSessionID cookie. This is because I use the JSessionID to implement a Single-Sign-On mechanism by persisting the ID in the database with user… (Show more)
in WildFly
Anup D
Hi,   We have set up 2 wildfly instances in a cluster - node 1 and node 2 ( both are able to see each other )   A replicated-cache is defined on node 1. The definition is shown below.  … (Show more)
in WildFly
Jørund Vier Skriubakken
Hi people!   I'm wondering if anyone as a good advice on this one.   I'm having an ear application more or less as outlined below (in pseudo-style, hopefully understandable):   ear {… (Show more)
in WildFly
Saroj Choudhury
Hi, Is there any way, we can externalize Session to an external Database like MySQL/Oracle ?   We are planning to have Wildfly under an ELB in AWS and the Wildfly servers will be under Auto… (Show more)
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Bob Slydell
When running Wildfly 11,  standalone-full-ha.xml, having all of the interfaces set to public in socket-binding-group, and having the following in standalone.conf:   JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS… (Show more)
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Eduardo Hamerski
Hello,   I have a wildfly (9.0.2) cluster with two nodes. I'm using httpd / mod_cluster (1.3.1) for load balance. The tests have found an error when calling ajax requests. Have you ever run into… (Show more)
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Niclas Mattsson
Hi,   I'm using a replicated cache with Infinispan on Wildfly 8. I'm using an idle time of 60 minutes, but at what actions is the idle time reset? I understand it's reset on write (or put) when the… (Show more)
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Darren Pimenta
I am able to get a singleton service running on Wildfly 10.1.0 in Ubuntu. This is using the full-ha profile in domain.xml with a wildfly load blancer. If the wildfly instance that is running the… (Show more)
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Andrew Bodycombe
I have an issue deploying Wildfly 10.1.Final inside an Azure WebApp.   Within the Azure platform, a WebApp is considered "up" when the HTTP Port starts accepting requests, so Azure will direct… (Show more)
in WildFly
Andrea Parodi
Hi all,   we are trying to access Infinispan CacheManager in order to use it from a Web Application   Is there a way to do this ?   We followed some examples found around on SO and other sites but… (Show more)
in Infinispan
Alessandro Moscatelli
Hi everybody, I am going to use AWS to build an autoscaling architecture, made up of a variable number of standalone Wildfly application servers.   Therefore I CANNOT use any cluster mode or… (Show more)
in WildFly
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