David Shifrin
Thank you in advance for reading this.   I have a Wildfly 9.0.2 domain with 2 mod cluster load balancers in front of my 4 application servers. We have sticky sessions set to true. I have noticed… (Show more)
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Pavel Macík
8. listopadu 2017: Transactions for Microservices in Narayana  Czech JBoss User Group gladly invites you to a JBUG session in Brno, taking place on Wednesday November 8th, 2017 in premises of Faculty…
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Michael Feldman
I am working on upgrading our application from JBoss AS 6 to WildFly 10.1.0.CR1. When I exercise a particular action in our application, I get a ClassNotFoundException each time. But the missing… (Show more)
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Leandro Quiroga
Hi, using a decay factor of 2 the importance of loads decreases to fast:    0 100,0% 1 50,0% 2 25,0% 3 12,5% 4 6,3% 5 3,1% 6 1,6% 7 0,8% 8 0,4% 9 0,2%     I want to use a decay factor between 1… (Show more)
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Jiri Pechanec
V rámci jarního semestru akademického roku 2016/17 probíhá na FI MUNI série setkání ve fromě kombinovaných přednášek a laboratorních cvičení věnovaná novinkám v Java EE 7 a pokročilým tématům Java EE…
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