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    How report performance issues?

    Ole Matzura Novice

      Hi all!

      I have a question regarding how to "report" performance bottlenecks (and their patches).. a short background; I'm responsible for the creation of a fairly large SOA built entirely on jboss 4 and web-services.. We use XmlBeans for all databinding and thus make use of the nodatabinding option in wscompile and related SAAJ-functionality in the jboss/axis stack.. During the last days we have been doing quite a lot of performance/load-testing to find bottlenecks in our and jbossws code (mainly using jmeter and jprofiler); I have therefore found and fixed a fair number of performance-bottlenecks in the jboss-4.0.2 jaxrpc subproject which has greatly improved performance (100-500%!) for our architecture and now I would of course like to share these improvements.. so I wonder;
      - should I report each "bottleneck" as a separate issue?
      - should I report directly in JIRA or first in your forum?

      thanks for your time and achievements so far!