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    WSDL <wsdlsoap:address location> problem on Solaris 8

    Mark Dougherty Newbie

      We have a web service where an internal company client uses the WSDL to 'scrape' the service endpoint from the "<wsdlsoap:address location" tag.

      Problem is they require a full-qualified domain name. The WSDL generated has (for example) host:8080, whereas the client needs host.company.com:8080. Modifying the following line in jboss-service.xml under server\default\deploy\jboss-ws4ee.sar\META-INF works under Windows:

      <attribute name="WebServiceHost">host.company.com</attribute>

      ...but under Solaris 8, it doesn't - the resulting WSDL still has host:8080. We found that adding the -b option when starting JBoss works (eg. -bhost.company.com), but we'd prefer to NOT modify the run scripts unless absolutely necessary.

      Is there some reason modifying the jboss-service.xml doesn't work under Solaris?

      Thanks in advance

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          Lance Nehring Newbie

          I have troubles like this as well with Windows and Linux machines. I believe that JBoss is asking the operating system for it's hostname and the os resolver is giving the short name instead of what you really wanted...the fully qualified domain name.

          What you might try is editting the /etc/host file on your Solaris box so that the FQDN is listed first on the line for the host's IP address instead of the alias. This has worked for me on Linux as I recall. Other apps also suffer until I make that change (mysql comes to mind) .....the default for RedHat is to list the alias first and then the FQDN. Either way is correct, but the resolver will give the first name listed when queried. I would expect the Solaris resolver to react the same.

          Of course if you have your resolver configured differently, e.g to use NIS, this may not work.

          Best regards,