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    WSDD problems

    Justin Babuscio Newbie

      I'm having a problem making a client side call to a web service port. The WSDL publishes and the service is deployed with no faults. When I created a Junit test client to call the port, it crashes saying "Invalid element" on the first attribute of the webservice parameter.

      I noticed two things with my WSDD that could be a problem.

      1. When my WSDD is published, there are a few s that are being generated twice. I don't know if the copies could screw up the configuration and confuse AXIS when it tries to match the types.

      2. I am using document literal type web services. The invalid error is being thrown on the first element of the typeMapping. The first element is another complex type itself.

      < elementDesc fieldName='consumerReference' xmlName='ConsumerReference' />

      Now, the element description does not define the 'xmlType'. I thought maybe because this is not explicitly noted, that when the message is sent to that port, it tries to validate the complex schema and throws an invalid element exception.

      One solution I was offered was to create the ws4ee-deployment.xml file but the complex types are already fully defined in the WSDD I didn't see the need for that.

      Any suggestions?