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    Expandable Table, Data Grid grouping in Richfaces?

    infinity2heaven Novice

      I'm looking for a component similar to 'Expandable Table' in Icefaces


      'Grid Grouping' from GWT-ExtJs

      But our environment is JBOSS Seam 2, EJB3 and Richfaces. (Richfaces strongly recommended in our org). I'm getting comfortable with Seam and was looking at Richfaces, although I'm not confident of any Ajax frameworks (except DWR). Is there a component in RichFaces ( Data Grid?) that can be easily customized with Seam to get the above component's look n feel?

      I don't want to start off with RF and realize half through the project that it's diff to customize the component. I'd rather experiment on Icefaces or GWT-ext (which could potentially take more time learning the integration with Seam).

      Any Suggestions?