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    jbossws-1.2.0.GA released

    Thomas Diesler Master

      As of this post I am happy to anounce that jbossws-1.2.0.GA is released. This is our first implementation that supports both JAX-WS and JAX-RPC style web services. jbossws-1.2.0.GA runs on jboss-5.0.x, jboss-4.2.x, jboss-4.0.5, Tomcat.

      JAX-WS brings to web services what EJB3 brings to EJB. With its greatly simplified programming model and functional enhancements it is desigend to take the place of previous JAX-RPC web service implementations.

      Details of how to download and install the new stack can be found in our new wiki

      To get started please have a look at the Quick Start and User Guide

      If you don't know it already, you'll be surprised how easy it is to do Web Services.

      I'd like to thank the team and the many contributors for all the hard work to make this milestone release possible.