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    Latency problem due to small TCP/IP packetsize

    Michael Hohmann Newbie


      we run a couple of webservices as interfaces to some datawarehouse reports. The webservices take some parameters in the soap-request to run the sql-querys against the DB. The result-data is returned as an XML-element in the body of the soap-reponse.

      An average reponse is about 130KB. With an MTU around 1500Byte the response should fit in <100 packets, but a network sniff showed that the server generates >10,000 packets for one response. The push-option in the IP-header is also set which instructs the IP-stack to send the paket immediatly before its payload-capacity is filled.

      This leads to latency problems because the firewall between the server and the client-applications takes more time to examine the packets. In case of a 130KB response a webservice-request through the firewall takes 10 seconds compare to <2 seconds without the firewall between client and server.

      Are there any options to configure the packetsize or some buffer parameters to change the behavior of packet generation (or Sockets) in JBoss, JBossWS or JVM? I really don´t know where to search for a Solution.

      I hope someone can help me.
      I'm looking foreward for your replies. Thanks in advance.

      Michael Hohmann

      PS: Sorry for my bad english