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    wstools instead of wsconsume?

    Matt Hebert Newbie

      How do I know when to use wstools instead of wsconsume? Does wstools provide functinality that wsconsume does not?

      I'm havig problems running WSConsume on a legacy WSDL, Im getting the error :

      [ERROR] Invalid wsdl:operation "fooBar": its a rpc-literal operation, message part must refer to a schema type declaration

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Well new tool sets provide wsconsume nd wsprovide are built for Jax-WS style of web services and are using annotations(JSR -181) which is part of Jax-WS spec (Jsr 224).

          Old tools like wstools are not using annotions for services, they are providing Jsr-109 based service and JAX-RPC (JSR 101) style web service.

          SO if you want to move to Jax-ws style of web service then use wscosnume and wsprovide, but if you want to continue in Jax-RPC style of web service then use wstools.

          I hope this helps.