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    how to change the context path

    jalaja chintam Newbie


      I need a help on jaxws. I am working on embedded tomcat(tomcat 6).and jbossws 1.2 and requirement is i want to deploy a service with diffirent context name.

      this is my path to the wsdl file


      where simpleservice is my webapplication name.

      my requirement is generated wsdl for the same webapplication(sampleservice) should be.


      i used @webcontext(contextRoot = "/contextname") annotation to change the context in my endpoint calss..but the generated wsdl still refering to the same old path(http://localhost:12120/simpleservice/services?wsdl).

      is there any way to give context path to the service.if anyone faced the same problem plz let me know the solution .