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    WSDL generation: use="literal" is generated instead of use"e

    Mimi Tantono Newbie

      Hi all,
      In our code we need to use "encoded" as the SOAPBinding style. Everytime the jboss is started, it generate a wsdl file in the directory: JBOSS_HOME/server/default/data/wsdl/xxxx.jar/xxxx.wsdl.
      The generated wsdl is always:

      <soap:body namespace="http://xxxx.xxx.com/" use="literal"/>

      which made the application doesn't run well because it should be like this instead:
      <soap:body namespace="http://xxxx.xxx.com" use="encoded"/>

      Is there a way to fix this problem? Because everytime the jboss is restarted, the generated wsdl need to be changed from literal into encoded which is a little annoying in the deployment process.