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    JBoss ESB Solution - Banking Case

    Danar Widyantoro Newbie

      Hi all, i am sorry if my english is worst. I just want to tell u that i am facing a big problem when i want to integrating my application. I want to know if JBoss ESB can solve my problem.

      I work on Banking Industry. I have banking legacy system, call center system, atm controller, internet banking system and other system. All applications connected each other with many different ways, different message format and tecnologies, ex. direct TCP using ISO8583, Swift Format, FTP Files or SOAP/XML over HTTP.

      I need ESB to integrate all of them and implement SOA to provide services for new connected system. I have been doing some research on Mule-ESB, and now i want to know futher about JBoss ESB. How eazy to creating new connector, transformer or router ? Does JBoss ESB support scripting for bussines processing ? How to clustering and load balancing the entire process on the bus ?

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          Mark Little Master

          Our roadmap for JBossESB should be published soon. With the aquisition of the Rosetta ESB (see my earlier post of blog entry), we now have an ESB implementation that has been running mission critical applications for 3 years, so I'd recommend you take a look at what it has to offer. As with most things, you should look at ramping up to all of your capabilities firstly, rather than going for the "big bang" approach.

          The Rosetta source should be publicly available soon. We're going to release comprehehsive manuals pretty soon afterwards too.

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            The scenario you described is exactly the reason why me and my team created Rosetta ESB while at a previous company. The environment while not as complicated as yours, we had mainframe code to integrate, call center app's, and newer J2EE/Web based applications, all of which required to integrate and interchange data from one to another. The way in which most of these systems communicated was by point-to-point FTP basically which led to one heck of a "swivel chair" integration - The operators litteraly went through the failure reports every day and manually re-submitted transfer jobs, then manually kicked off processes to consume those files, etc... real nightmare.

            Integration in Rosetta ESB supports the following:
            - file based polling, JMS, FTP, and email POP polling - adding new processor capabilities will be simple like WS-* support, etc. For now though, the ones we have are the ones i just listed.

            The application was designed to be deployable inside of JBoss App. Server and as such, it supports clustering automatically. We were running it on 2 Nodes of 4xCPU each, and I think there was a silent failover box as well just in case.

            As Mark said, we are in the process of writing some detailed docs to help get people familiar with how to write and deploy their own processors to JBoss ESB as well as making the code available for you to test drive on your own very soon.

            thanks, and please feel free to ask us any more questions as you have them.

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              Danar Widyantoro Newbie

              Thank's for all answer. ESB is new integration approach for me. I still can't imagine how ESB can process more than a half billion transaction per days and at the same time he can receive and deliver files over FTP connection or process WS* request over HTTP. I am glad that JBoss will release ESB Solution.