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    Eclipse plugin feature requests

    Daniel Bevenius Master


      We would like to start this thread to gather suggestions for useful features for eclipse plugin(s).
      So if you have something that you'd like to see in the plugin please let us know.

      To start things off, I'd like to have a function to automatically generate the dependent.xml file from the queues and services used in a jboss-esb.xml.


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          Brian Carothers Apprentice

          Cool idea! I think it would be great if there were also:

          1. Editors for the various deployment descriptors (q.v., web.xml editor from JBDS) to cut down on silly syntax errors that break deploys

          2. Project Template with HelloWorld service to ease the learning curve for new users
          3. (brace for major LOE) A graphical tool to build services by dragging shapes corresponding to built-in actions from a palette (think JBPM's eclipse plugin). Properties/config values would ideally be settable by right clicking on the node and popping up a dialog box.
          4. Add wizards for creating ESB services from existing endpoints in the enterprise (e.g., deployed web services or UDDI registries, queues) by selecting a protocol and server and choosing from a list of deployed objects on that server

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            Mark Little Master

            Watch the SOA Governance project we just started. All of what you mention will be covered within that, with hooks into the relevant projects. Check out some of the SOA/ESB presentations at JBoss World 2008 and you'll get some hints at what is coming. Once I get a chance I have to upload some specific tooling presentations and docs into the new SOA-G repo. I'll cross post here once that's done.

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              Mirko R Newbie


              what's the status of the Eclipse plug-in and when can we expect to see it (or where can we see it, if available?).

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                Mark Little Master

                I suspect that Daniel has been dragged on to other things. However, the Eclipse tooling is proceeding and we should have something to announce within JBDS soon. After that I expect to have further tooling announcements in the coming couple of months.

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                  Daniel Bevenius Master

                  Yeah, as Mark said I've had to let other this come before the plugin but I indent to revist the task as soon as I get these other tasks out of the way.

                  I'll post back here as soon as there is something in the code base.