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    Handling of huge projects

    Martin Ganserer Novice

      After finishing a first test project we are investigating how we could be able to migrate existing projects to EJB3.
      The problem is that these projects are not very small. For instance we currently have a product database with approximately 250 entities.
      I don't like to add all entity beans in one par or ejb3 file. I have already learned that it is possible to create more than one par file for one app. But what would be best practise? At the moment I have two par files. One for basic data A.par and another one for specific entities B.par. If I there are references in the B.par to A.par I have to add the referenced classes of the A.par to the B.par. If I don't do that my deployment fails. Is this the way it should work or are there any other possible solutions that might make my life easier?

      Thank you very much!