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    how to deploy ejb3 session bean on jboss4.0.5

    z k Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am new to j2ee and ejb3, i followed a tutorial and tried to deploy a simple entity bean it worked fine .

      but i could not deploy a simple session bean with a simple client

      searched a lot in internet coud not find a tutorial to deploy ejb 3 session beans with a client. there are some but not with jboss, if with jboss then no ejb3. if it is with jboss and ejb3 no help on deployment. also tried jboss.org trailbraizers its very hard to understand...

      I have following queries....please help...

      what shall be directory stucture to deploy a ejb3 session bean(businessbean and a remote or local business interface) with a simple cilent to communicate with the session bean.

      i used presistance.xml and jndi.properties while deploying entity bean.. is there a need of application.xml or ejb-jar.xml or any other .xml to deploy an ejb3 session bean, if yes what shall be their contents.

      which .xml files will be needed if the ejbs are deployed as .jar ?.. and .ear?

      Im using MyEclipse 5.1, jboss-4.0.5.liferay bundle

      thank you.