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    Remoting release 2.2.2.SP1

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      We have recently released version 2.2.2.SP1 of Remoting. It is largely characterized by bug fixes to 2.2.0.GA, with some minor feature additions. It should be possible to replace jboss-remoting.jar from any of the 2.2.x versions with jboss-remoting.jar from 2.2.2.SP1.

      It is available in the jboss repository in two places:


      contains a copy of jboss-remoting.jar built with jdk 1.5, and


      contains a copy of jboss-remoting.jar built with jdk 1.4.

      Here are the release notes for the releases that followed 2.2.0.GA:

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.2.SP1

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-653] - allow user to set content-type for http responses
      * [JBREM-750] - Logger in HTTPClientInvoker should be static.

      ** Release
      * [JBREM-803] - Release 2.2.2.SP1

      ** Task
      * [JBREM-805] - Verify Remoting 2.2.2.SP1 is compatible with earlier versions
      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.2.GA

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-731] - Address of secondary server socket should be acquired each time a control connection is created.
      * [JBREM-743] - For polling callback handler, org.jboss.remoting.Client.addListener() should create only one CallbackPoller per InvokerCallbackHandler
      * [JBREM-747] - org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector should unregister server invoker from MBeanServer
      * [JBREM-754] - Reset timeout on each use of HttpURLConnection
      * [JBREM-761] - NPE in BisocketServerInvoker$ControlConnectionThread
      * [JBREM-766] - Guard against "spurious wakeup" from Thread.sleep()
      * [JBREM-771] - MicroSocketClientInvoker can experience socket leaks
      * [JBREM-774] - BisocketClientInvoker.replaceControlSocket() and handleDisconnect() should close control socket
      * [JBREM-775] - MicroSocketClientInvoker.initPool() should omit pool from log message
      * [JBREM-778] - BisocketServerInvoker.start() creates a new static Timer each time
      * [JBREM-779] - BisocketClientInvoker should guard agains scheduling on an expired Timer, part 2
      * [JBREM-784] - Use separate maps for control sockets and ordinary sockets in BisocketClientInvoker
      * [JBREM-785] - BisocketClientInvoker.transport() inadvertently uses listenerId member variable
      * [JBREM-787] - Move network i/o in BisocketClientInvoker constructor to handleConnect()
      * [JBREM-788] - Access to BisocketClientInvoker static maps should be synchronized in handleDisconnect()
      * [JBREM-790] - NPE in BisocketClientInvoker$PingTimerTask
      * [JBREM-793] - Lease should synchronize access to client map
      * [JBREM-794] - LeasePinger.addClient() should not create a new LeaseTimerTask if none currently exists

      * The following is the public version of support patch JBREM-791, under which the fix was applied. -RS
      * [JBREM-806] - In HTTPClientInvoker remove newlines and carriage returns from Base64 encoded user names and passwords

      ** Feature Request
      * [JBREM-749] - BisocketServerInvoker: Make configurable the address and port of secondary server socket
      * [JBREM-755] - Make ConnectorValidator parameters configurable
      * [JBREM-756] - CallbackPoller should shut down if too many errors occur.
      * [JBREM-757] - Implement quick Client.removeListener() for polled callbacks.
      * [JBREM-765] - Add a separate timeout parameter for callback clients

      ** Patch
      * [JBREM-781] - Socket transport needs to provide to the client local address of a TCP/IP connection, as seen from the server

      ** Release
      * [JBREM-789] - Release 2.2.2.GA

      ** Task
      * [JBREM-641] - re-implement the callback polling for http transport to reduce latency
      * [JBREM-767] - Avoid deadlock in callback BisocketClientInvoker when timeout == 0
      * [JBREM-782] - Remove network i/o from synch block in ServerInvokerCallbackHandler.getCallbackHandler()
      * [JBREM-783] - Remove network i/o from synch blocks that establish and terminate LeasePingers
      * [JBREM-796] - Verify Remoting 2.2.2 is compatible with earlier versions

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.1.GA

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-751] - Eliminate unnecessary "Unable to process control connection:" message from BisocketServerInvoker

      ** Release
      * [JBREM-763] - Release 2.2.1.GA
      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.0.SP4

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-748] - BisocketClientInvoker should guard agains scheduling on an expired Timer

      ** Release
      * [JBREM-744] - Release 2.2.0.SP4

      ** Task
      * [JBREM-714] - Make sure 2.2.0 and 2.0.0 are compatible binary releases
      * [JBREM-734] - BisocketClientInvoker constructor should get parameters from InvokerLocator as well as configuration map.

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.0.SP3

      ** Task
      * [JBREM-741] - Eliminate unnecessary log.warn() in BisocketServerInvoker

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.0.SP2

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-739] - Fix java serialization leak. [Note. This issue has been moved to 2.4.0.Beta1
      pending the addition of unit tests, but the bug has been fixed.]

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.0.SP1

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-732] - When server terminates and has clients, when the server comes back up clients that survived, can't connect. Connection refused when trying to connect the control socket.