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    How to store Process Definition using identifier

    mangesh D Newbie

      I have created a variable associated with a process instance in the ActionHandler.
      context.getProcessInstance().getContextInstance().createVariable("status", "PENDING");

      I saved the process instance using "jbpmSession.getGraphSession().saveProcessInstance(processInstance);"

      Now I want to retrieve the value of this variable in another method. So how do I load the previous Process Definition i.e. how do I save the Process Definition or instance with a unique ID?
      Need some urgent help on this please.

      I tried the follg. code but it doesnt work :-
      ProcessDefinition processDefinition = jbpmSession.getGraphSession().findLatestProcessDefinition("LeaveApp");
      ProcessInstance processInstance = new ProcessInstance(processDefinition);
      This returns a NULL value