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    Swimlanes and TaskAssignment

    Sivajee Akula Newbie

      Hi All

      Can a task be assigned to a "role" instead of a particular "user". Like in a banking application say, "Create Customer" need to be assigned to a person with role "clerk" instead of a particular user "XYZ". When I referred to the documentation I found the API:

      Assignable.setPooledActors(String[] actorIds)

      This API also assigns the task to particular set of people.
      Is there any way in which I can assign a task to all those who is having a particular role.


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          the actorId in jBPM is just a string. If you do not need the pooledActors thing and are able to map the user who logs-in to a role, you can store this rolename in the actorId. You do miss the functionality of the pooledActors however. The choice is yours

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            brittm Novice


            What I do is use Assignable.setPooledActors(String[] actorIds) to store the names of work pools (roles). This allows me to get much of the functionality of JBPM's pooled actor features. Of course, your own application will need to be aware that everything set in PooledActors should be considered a work pool (role) and not an individual actor, and your application would also need to take care of knowing to which pools your users belong.


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              babas1 Newbie

              So what is the solution ?
              As for my case, i need the actorId mapped as the users and a role mapped as a dedicated team ..
              does anyone have a role use case ?
              I am leading myself astray with role/group !!

              All of these, because I can't find a way to define a new group with two existing groups !!