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    config-type bean / getDeclaredMethods() => no inherited meth

    Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

      I'm trying to configure Actions and would like an abstract base class to offer generic services (e.g. data retrieval) to subclasses. These services have to be configured (in the example, what data from which sources).

      The way I read the JBPM code, I would have to declared either the variables or the methods used to configure the Action in the implementation and not in the abstract base class as BeanInstantiator / FieldInstantiator use getDeclaredMethods() / getDeclaredField() when trying to set a configuration.

      I'm a bit puzzled. Is there a reason for this restriction and for not using getMethods() / getField() or is there something I don't get? ?

      The hack / workaround that would "solve" this would be to have the abstract base class define abstract setter methods (to be implemented by the subclasses and then called by JBPM) that would do nothing else other than delegate back to the base class. That would do the trick, but ... it wouldn't be nice, would it?