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    Problems with the latest GPD (3.0.4) & latest Eclipse (3.1.1

    Hannes Stillerich Newbie

      I have just downloaded the latest Versions of Eclipse and the Process Designer (including jbpm 3.1-alpha) in order to set up a fresh IDE that is actually working.( I have also a MyEclipse Installation but there the GPD (3.0.2) won't start anymore for some reason)
      Now the Problem:
      whether creating a new ProcessDefiniton, nor changing an existing one (-> simple.par of the included example project) works: after saving, the window 'User operation is waiting / The user operation is waiting for building workspace to complete / Java - processdefiniton.xml - Eclipse SDK' appears but nothing is happening.
      Is that a known problem?

      WinXP Sp1
      JDK: 1.5.0_04-b05
      Eclipse 3.1.1 SDK
      jbpm-gpd-site-3.0.4 (including jBPM 3.1-alpha1)