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    jBPM Process Deployment issue in JBoss

    Anil Kumar Newbie


      I configured my JBoss 4.0.4 application server to point to MySQL database. I changed jBPM configuration to point to MySQL database as well. I created jBPM tables in MySQL db.

      I am putting my jpdl file in the ear file and defining this information in components.xml file also. But somehow, it looks like this process is not getting deployed once i start the jBoss server. I could not see any information in the JBPM_PROCESSDEFINITIONS, JBPM_NODE, JBPM_PROCESSINSTANCE tables. I am not getting any error in the log file. However, if i deploy the same process from Eclipse IDE, then it does deploy this process i.e. i could see the process related information in appropriate tables.

      Any reason, why it is not able to deploy the process in the first case? Am i missing any configuration?

      Thanks In Advance,