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    Superstate example

    Raoul Batista Newbie

      Hi all,

      Could someone provide an example of a process definition using Superstate ? I'm trying to understand how it works but can't find an example. I read the user guide but that's not enough. How to use it with the GPD ? If I follow the xml example provided by the user guide:


      <super-state name="phase one">


      The states within the Superstate don't show up on the graph. I replaced the the state by a task node and when the execution is supposed to get to the task node I get an error... Anyway I am sure I'm missing something about the Superstate and I'm just asking an example.
      Where the nodes of the Superstate are supposed to be defined on the graphical view ? And how to link them to the Superstate Node ? Basically my question is how to use the Superstate node in GPD...
      I've been trying to figure out how it works for a while and I am running out of idea so please if you can help.... Thanks a lot!!!