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    Regarding swimlane

    jagadee c Newbie


      I am working with Swimlanes.
      But, I am assigning actors as static values. Please refer below code. I want to send users at runtime.

      **** ProcessDefinition.xml ****

      swimlane name="Clerk" ---- I am assigning Actors like this

      swimlane name="Manager"
      assignment expression="user(xxx)"
      swimlane name="CheckPending"
      assignment expression="user(yyy)"


      My requirement is,

      I have different Groups. In those Groups, I have two categoies of users. For example Manager and Clerk.

      Clerk should complete a taks and sends to Manager for approval.Manager should approve that task.

      In this case , I may have number of Clerks and Managers. Depends on their login, My processdefinition should consider their loginID as ActorID. Please guide me. How to send ActorID dynamically.

      Thanks in advance for your help.