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    jbpm and LDAP!

    Martin Reini Newbie

      I have spent so much time to go through all the documentation and forum topics on the identity component but I have no idea how to link jbpm to a LDAP Database. I hope someone is willing to give me some hints because I need a prototype for my thesis.

      UseCase: I have Users in an LDAP-DB(OpenLDAP) and I'd like to use them within jbpm (instead of earnie, cookie monster, ...).

      As written in the doku I tried to extend ExpressionAssignmentHandler with my own implementation -> similar to

      But what is the next step (the forum-thread never offered a solution)? I have already another class which implements ExpressionSession. I have also deleted the 3 lines in the hibernate.cfg.xml - the result is of course that the web-frontend does not work anymore :-(

      I would appreciate some help (an example would be amazing)!!