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    Regarding JBPM dynamic functionalities

    Shiva Kumar Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      I am exploring JBPM to implement a services project and I found that the below mentioned functionalities are not supported by JBPM. Could some one confirm/provide more information for the below findings?

      1) Adding a task dynamically to a Process instance is not possible in JBPM.

      2) When a task is added to "Process Definition1", a new definition will be generated (call it as "Process Definition2"). Now along with "Process definition2" the original "Process Definition1" is valid and all the previously generated "Process Instances" will refer to the original "Process Definition1"

      3) Delegation is not supported by JBPM

      4) Creating a "Process Instance" from multiple "Process Definitions" is not supported by JBPM.

      Thanks in advance.

      Shiva Kumar.