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    Source code for instantiating process definition class files

    David Roberts Apprentice


      When you deploy a process definition, you can include files, and among these files are the class files for your actions, decision etc. Now Jbpm obviously calls/instantiates/realises these class files from the database somehow. My question is, does anyone know where in the source code it does this? I would like to take a look at the code, so I can do the same in my framework. I've tried looking through the source code, but alas, don't know where to look.

      Incase you are wondering why I want to do this:
      Basically I would like to include class files with my process definition, so that from my client side jsp "forms", I can also write some code in a class file, which my framework will run in a servlet and then send a user back to that same jsp page. For example, I would deploy a jsp and an appropriate class file, and on the jsp page a user may click a value in a drop down combo, it will hit a servlet defined in my framework, which runs the code found in the included class file, and then returns back to the same jsp page, which perhaps now displays a second combo with values that were dependant on what they selected in the first one.

      I appreciate your time in this.