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    jBPM BPEL - hello example error: no processdefinition.xml

    L�ukasz Budnik Newbie

      Hi All!

      I'm using jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA on jbpm-starters-kit-3.1.4\jbpm-server.

      I have built the jbpm-bpel and deployed it on jbmp-server.

      Now I can access BPEL console: http://localhost:8080/jbpm-bpel/index.jsp.

      My second step was to deploy simple BPEL application.

      I've chosen the hello example.

      From Eclipse I run Ant (target order is: clean, main [default]) and I get this error:

      Buildfile: C:\Studia\programy\jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA\examples\hello\build.xml
      [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Studia\programy\jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA\examples\hello\target
      [zip] Building zip: C:\Studia\programy\jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA\examples\hello\target\hello.zip
      [deployprocess] 13:43:16,468 DEBUG [header] >> "POST /jbpm-bpel/deployment HTTP/1.1[\r][\n]"
      [deployprocess] 13:43:16,484 DEBUG [header] >> "User-Agent: Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.0[\r][\n]"

      and so on... file is sent to server and the response is:

      [deployprocess] 13:43:16,500 DEBUG [header] << "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error[\r][\n]"
      [deployprocess] 13:43:16,500 DEBUG [header] << "Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1[\r][\n]"

      // some more headers and HTML tags go here

      // the most important thing is the following line

      <h1>HTTP Status 500 - </h1>type Exception reportmessage description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.exception org.jbpm.jpdl.JpdlException: [[ERROR] no processdefinition.xml inside process archive][\n]"
      [deployprocess] 13:43:16,515 DEBUG [content] << "[0x9]org.jbpm.jpdl.par.JpdlArchiveParser.readFromArchive(JpdlArchiveParser.java:43)[\n]"

      Indeed, there is no processdefinition.xml in jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA.

      How can I get it? Should I write/generate it myself?

      thanks in advance for tips
      best regards