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    don't undestand Seam&Jbpm

    moumen rajae Newbie

      Good morning

      I'm a total beginner in jbpm and seam,and i'm working on an application wich requires jbpm and a j2ee framework,i thought about using seam ,but i'm not sure it's the most suitable choice .Could you please answer these questions :

      -Is seam a good choice,or should i use struts or another framework?
      -Should i create two separate projects one for jbpm and seam?
      -If the answer is yes should i create a seam project and add the jbpm process definition or create the jbpm project and add the jsf and other components?
      -Is it the application which calls the processus,or the nodes that calls the components of the application?or both?

      Thank you for your help