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    jPDL: variable participants and parallel processes

    Richard Jones Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      I'm new to jBPM and jPDL, and am trying to design a workflow with a particular feature which I can't see how to implement in jPDL. This is easiest to explain by example, so this is what I'm trying to do:

      I have a workflow which takes a list of users as an input; the number of users is unknown before the workflow is initiated. For each of this variable number of participants I want an author/reject/approve set of stages where the participant creates some content and a manager rejects it (sending it back to the participant for changes) or approves it. I want each user to be totally independent during this cycle, so that while one's content is in an approve stage, another's content can still be in the authoring stage.

      I have achieved this using jPDL up to the point that I have an author/reject/approve set of stages for ALL users, but in the application I am using to run this workflow (Daisy), only deals with task pools, not tasks for multiple independent actors. I dove into the source code, and found the interface in jBPM for Assignable, and this appears to be aimed at either individual users or task pools also. Can I read into this that the behaviour I'm looking for is not possible in jBPM/jPDL?

      The root of my question is: is there any way, in jPDL, to define a workflow pattern (author/reject/approve) which can be, in a running instance of a larger workflow, copied into multiple parallel instances of that pattern, such that a variable number of actors can participate in the same bit of workflow but independently from eachother. OR ... is this something which applications using jBPM need to implement, by hijacking the Assignable.setPooledActors() for an alternative purpose?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated; I'm totally at a loss as to whether this is even possible right now!

      Thanks in advance,