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    Jbpm very slow

    davide pasinato Newbie

      My question may be stupid but I have no clue on how to solve this problem:

      I sucessfully installed JBPM. Everything is fine apart from one thing:
      the first user that access jbpm is super slow: it has to wait for a minute or so. After that the response time is fine.
      I am wondering if this is due to the fact that at the first access jboss has to compile everything or becasue there are some sort of lazy initialization.

      Is there a way to speed up JBPM for example compiling the JSPs when I boot the jbpm server?


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          fero kocun Newbie

          Hi Davide!
          You mean that jbpm console starts slow? It takes a time to deploy all beans, but after then it is quite fast. Start of JBoss application server is for me about 10-15 seconds and a have more beans(applications) in it, not only jbpm.


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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            super slow.... 1 minute... lucky you... we've had apps on Weblogic that took 15 minutes to start up... In my local JBoss (1GB, 1.6 GHz single core laptop) it takes 15 seconds also... what are the specs of your machine? Maybe you can analyze debug logging to see where the delay is.

            BTW, jBPM does not use jsp's, it uses facelets.