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    Problem with default controller variable

    Marco Marchi Newbie

      I'm a newbie of JBPM. I'm creating my first process with jbpm-jpdl-designer-site-3.1.6 in Eclipse Ganymede, following a tutorial.

      I choose a task of my process definition, on the Diagram panel, then in bottom part of Eclipse I choose the Properties folder. In this folder there are some sections, I choose Tasks. I see the list of the tasks associated to the selected Task of the process. For each task there are 5 folders: General, Details, Assignement, Controller, Reminder, I click on Controller.

      Here I can define a list of variables that will be displayed, so I click on Add button and automatically I get a new variable called variable1.
      This variable1 is highlighted in blue so that I can modify its name; I change the name in myVariable (sigh) and when I TAB or I click on any other position the name return to variable1.

      If I go in the Source panel of the main window I see the description of my process in XML format. Here I can find the variable1 of my task. If I change here its name then in the Controller folder I see the myVariable name, but again it's impossible to change.

      Is it a bug? Is it possible that there is a trivial bug like this? Or - more probably - I'm doing something wrong?

      Thanks for yor help.