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    [BPM 4.2] About the user code classloading mechanism

    Javier Alperte Newbie


      Reading the documentation there is a section that introduces the three different mechanisms used by jBPM 4 to look for user classes in the classpath. One of these mechanism is the "User Application Classpath (Ear/War) where the call is done".

      I'm not really sure about what exactly that means, I understand that when we do a Command call to the jBPM API from our application, our application classes (ear/war) are fully available during the command execution phase, but, what happens when we want to execute some kind of logic inside a Job, and that logic needs access to our application classes? (for instance: seam components or ejbs), are they also available.

      This is very important for me because I'm trying to integrate the jBPM into my own EAR file in order to avoid classpath complications. In the past (jBPM 3.2) I tried to use the jBPM as an independent service in order to share the service between the JBoss Portal Workflow feature and my own application workflow features, but I experienced a lot of problems trying to access my EJBs (the ear has an isolated classpath).